New England Super Bowl Wagers

Two years ago, Boston Ballet and the Pacific Northwest Ballet had a fun wager going and were dancing off over the prospective Super Bowl winners because smack talk with a side of saut de chats and sissons is so much fun!  

This year the bakeries are getting in on the action.  Somerville’s beloved Lyndell’s Bakery has thrown down the white apron with Piece of Cake Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia.

The deal is that the losing team’s bakery will have to use their crew of talented cake decorators to create a themed cake of the winning Super Bowl team to display at their bakery for 2 weeks after the Super Bowl.

The trash talk has already begun. With Piece of Cake posting on Facebook:

@lyndellsbakery We’re in! Just as long as the cake isn’t deflated! 😉

This is like real live cake wars with some serious consequences.  

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