Roquefort and Cranberry Tartine (Recipe)

This is a great little bite that you can throw together in minutes. You can serve it leading up to Thanksgiving or save leftover cranberry sauce and serve it for your winter holiday parties or when friends come over for drinks.   It is a perfect addition to a cocktail party or you can pour a glass of wine and throw it together for a grown-up “after-school snack” while the children play lego on the coffee table.  I used it to round out a meal since I had only planned a spinach salad for dinner and I knew we needed a little something extra.

A little salty, sweet, simple something before the harvest feast.

Cranberry Sauce (my favourite recipe)
Roquefort (you don’t have to buy the best of the best here- you can get by on grocery store cheese – Sorry Formaggio)
Baguette (also the best of the best -I love Clear Flour’s baguette- is not necessary)

  • -Slice baguette into rounds on the diagonal and lightly toast.  You can brush it with olive oil if you like before you toast it.
  • -Spread a little cranberry sauce on the baguette.
  • -Place a decent-sized sliver of Roquefort on top and melt under the broiler.
  • -Serve & eat.

Bon appetit.  ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

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