From Royals to Oil: I’m ready for Thanksgivukkah

I started off totally dismissing Thanksgivukkah but then when I learned that it’s not going to happen for a very long time I thought I might pay a little attention to it.  I don’t like messing with the traditional Thanksgiving menu, but as the holiday came closer into focus I warmed to the idea.  Megin of Labels are for Jars offered to make a Thanksgiving starter of matzoh ball soup with mini matzoh balls (so we don’t fill up too fast).  Perfect!

Now we’re really starting to get into the holiday spirit as we’re planning menus for the first night of Chanukah, finalizing our Thanksgiving menu and making cookies (our nod to Christmas) for the Cookie Takedown.  And… we can’t do all this without a theme song.  Here’s what we’re chanting and snapping our fingers to:

Recipes for Thanksgiving and Chanukah:


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