Rebranding Cocktails: From Amaretto Kiss to Vampire Bite


Every year we have a little Halloween party before heading out with the kids to go trick or treating. The goal of the evening is to keep the children’s trick or treating excitement manageable by gathering with friends until dusk. We do a few little activities, and feed them non-sugary foods so the night ends without any major meltdowns.

As for the adults, it’s all about having a moment to gather, catch up, drink a Halloween themed or seasonal beer or cocktail. We enjoy a few non-sugary bites so we also make it through the evening without meltdowns.

This Canadian Thanksgiving we tried a cranberry cocktail. I thought it would actually be a great addition to our Halloween cocktail menu. It just needed a little re-branding from Cranberry Amaretto Kiss to Vampire Bite. My daughter also thinks that Zombie Blood would make a good name.

I found the recipe in my Bon Appetit deck of recipe cards. It is also online here.


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