Spring Smoothies: Getting Creative


Smoothies were a daily thing in our house for a while because it was one of the few things my daughter would eat as a toddler. But time passed, morning routines changed, the blender from our wedding registry lost its zip, and vigour.

This week I had the opportunity to gather with a few friends and colleagues at Whole Foods Fresh Pond for an impromptu, organic, ‘smoothie jam’.


We shopped for our ingredients, pooled our resources, racked our culinary brains, and googled our way to recipes.

In the end, a great smorgasbord of smoothies of all flavors, colours, dairy, non-dairy, sweetened, unsweetened were whipped up by Carrie and (I suck at names but will find it and insert here soon!)

Once everyone’s recipes are up I will link them here. The variety of colours, ingredients, and flavours was spectacular!


Random Recycling: Green Machine Recipe

OhBabyBoston (that’s me): Spring Egg Cream

Groovy Green Living: Mauve Madness

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