Cocktails in Canada: Boston raises a few glasses in Toronto at Bannock

This evening we headed out looking for a taste of Canada and found ourselves seated around a table for four at The Bannock.

The Bannock is wedged between two Canadian shopping center; Toronto Eaton Center and The Bay. If you know the book The Hockey Sweater and the letter to Mr. Eaton that’s the Eaton of Eaton’s. As for The Bay that would be the one formerly known as The Hudson’s Bay Trading company think fur pelts as commerce and I’m talking beaver not mink coats here.

But I digress because I’m talking cocktails now not shopping but there is a bit of Canadiana in both.

Let’s start with The Mighty Canuck. This is a maple lemonade spiked with Polar Ice Vodka, sweetened with a little maple syrup and served in a sugar rimmed glass.


Next, is the Daily Sparkler which is a seasonal juice of the day topped with sparkling wine.

Then, onto the ‘wishful thinking’ Stanley Cup a play on the Pimm’s cup with Pimm’s, diced cucumber, pineapple and topped with ginger beer. Quite a strong nod up Toronto’s British heritage.


Last glass to be raised was not exactly a cocktail but a nicely tart, seasonal glass of rhubarb juice.


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