Keeping Cool With a Tool Belt: Home Depot is a Parent’s Best Friend

I love free family events and from the day I got home from the hospital I knew every mom’s group, baby friendly movies, drop in group, story and sing-a-long schedule in a fifteen mile radius. I also thought I has a pretty good radar for what was worth traveling for and which activities were just to get me in the store. I knew Home Depot had kids activities but didn’t think much about it. I figured, they wouldn’t know how to run a good children ‘s activity, or let kids go anything ‘real’ with tools but I was wrong.


The one thing the kids miss the most from their old school is “wood chop” aka Woodshop. So when I took them to Home Depot for this month’s kids activity and an employee directed me to aisle 35, then said, “Follow the sound of the banging hammers,” I was impressed. The kids each got an apron, a kit to make Lucy ‘s car from Despicable Me, and upon completion a pin for the apron and a certificate. It was extremely well run and the results were very cute.


The kids activities are at Home Depot on the first Saturday of the month from 9 am until around noon. It is free and is geared toward 5-12 year olds. Most children seemed to be 5-10 or so.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Craig Allen says:

    Thanks a lot for the shout-out!

    -Craig, from The Home Depot


    1. leahklein says:

      We all had a blast!


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