Long Story Short: Breakfast to Lunch to dinner

As you probably noticed I’ve been on a bit of a smoothie kick lately. It occurred to me after making a few sauces lately that in a way a sauce is like a savory smoothie.

I know that doesn’t seem earth shattering, but you see, I’ve always understood the importance of sauces but have been intimidated by them. I’m a recipe girl. I could never quite find what I was looking for or I would need three cookbooks out for one dish, which is just not how I cook.

This story has many layers and angles so bear with me. As you know, Whole Foods Arlington just opened and it just so happens that there are some great door buster sales going in this week. I took advantage and bought some Swordfish that both my husband and daughter like and I thought I could tolerate with this cilantro and lime sauce recipe I found in the Williams Sonoma Complete Grilling a Cookbook (p37). I love the cookbook and recommend it. But if you must make this sauce now while the cilantro from the CSA or garden is thriving. It is a savory smoothie of cilantro, jalapeño, lime juice, garlic, a tiny bit if oil and salt.


So that was dinner. Breakfast was just the smoothie connection. Now onto lunch. This week I had some corn from my Lindentree CSA share and more corn from my Vermont Farmers via Farmers To You. I also had a jar of the new Olive Oil Hellman’s mayonnaise thanks to my friend Mommy Niri. Last but certainly not least was some Vermont Creamery maple, sea salted butter. So lunch had both savory and sweet included.


I was running out if room in the fridge so I took four last Codman
Farm eggs out of my egg carton so I could put my VT eggs away and hard boiled them. I figured I might make my own version of Iggy’s Bread or Hi Rise Bread Co’s little brekkie sandwiches this weekend. So now it is time to make lunch.


I peeled and sliced one egg. Then I took a teaspoon -the kind in my cutlery drawer not my baking measuring kind- of the mayo ( I like minimal amounts if mayo) and two teaspoons or so of the cilantro sauce and mixed it up. I topped the egg with a few olives. Steamed two ears if corn in the microwave by

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