Halloween Ready: Fun, Tasty, Healthy Pre-Halloween Feast

20131031-120240.jpgOkay I think I’m ready for Halloween.  My priorities on this night are to:

  1. Gather with friends and neighbours so the kids can go out trick-or-treating as a group.  This lets them see each other in costume and allows the more gregarious trick-or-treaters to support the quieter ones.
  2. Feed the adults and children something substantial, not sweet, and delicious before going out to collect a life’s supply of corn-syrupy, and cane-sugary goodness.  This limits the number of late night, tired, cold, sugar crashy tantrums from both parties.
  3. Have a few appetizers and grown up cocktails.  Serve and try at least one new non-pumpkin yet still appropriately Halloween themed beer.  This year I’ve made Sriracha and honey glazed pumpkin seeds.
  4. Have fun.
  5. Go to sleep.

On the menu tonight I have been inspired by Bon Me’s rice bowls, my Wagamama cookbook and Ming Tsai’s Simple One Pot Meals.

To start with I made some sriracha honey glazed pumpkin seeds as well as some plain salted and roasted pumpkin seeds.

I made a gingered rice that I got from Peko Peko(a cookbook created by food bloggers that I bought on blurb to support recovery in Japan after the Tsunami.)

I will make plain rice for the children and adults who prefer it that way.

I made Ming Tsai’s star anise “braised” chicken.

I made a variation of Ming Tsai’s short ribs similar to this one but no pressure cooker so it just kept my kitchen warm and fragrant by cooking on the stove top for hours.

The children requested broccoli (a favourite of theirs) for their vegetable.  I blanched it and stuck in the fridge for a quick re-heat later.  We’ll toss some of it with some sesame oil and hot pepper flakes for the adults.

I have Wagamama’s cucumber dressing, some pickled carrots (no daikon in the house so just carrots), some bean sprouts, and some cilantro to add freshness to the rice bowls.  The cucumber dressing isn’t anywhere online but here are some other Wagamama recipes because why not?

Because we’re out all afternoon at various lessons I am putting my crockpot, my friend Nadia’s crockpot and my rice cooker to good use and everything will be warm and ready when we get home.  My husband is coming home early to get the veggies all set and test test the beer. Cheers to a Happy Halloween!


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