Hair Matters: Family Candids, Photo Shoots and holiday cards


From props to lighting, from iPhotographers to professional photographers, from outfit to accessories, taking a good family photo has many facets. It is easier than ever to take a great photo today not because we’ve gotten any better at taking them, but because we have more tools at our fingertips. This translates to the ability to take many photos often.

Recently I was invited to check out Be Styled. My first visit was in Chestnut Hill’s The Street location and the other night at the Lynnfield location at MarketStreet for a mother-daughter night out.

What I realised after each visit, but especially this last visit when I chose to ‘glam it up’ with a vintage glitzy ‘do, is that hair matters. It doesn’t matter if you went to Pure Barre all month or not. It doesn’t matter how many morning started with green smoothies Let’s face it, we can always get more toned, have smoother more perfect skin, have better outfits or more carefully chosen accessories. All this seems to fade into the background if you have good hair.

I’m not talking about frizz, grays, roots, showing, split ends. Even with all or some of that, if someone washes and dries and styles your hair, giving it more time than you ever could of would the results are good… really good.

Even the next day, I still had a little lingering. “pretty”.


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