Five Differences between Monopoly Money and Bitcoins


Sometimes I want to laugh and other moments my stomach is full of knots when I hear about Bitcoin. It’s totally new to me so here is what I found. Five ways Monopoly Money and Bitcoin differs.

1). Bitcoin seems to have no borders or language barriers. Monopoly money is printed in 27 languages and licensed in 81 countries.

2). You can buy everything from groceries to drugs with Bitcoin. You can only pay rent, buy houses, and pay your way out of jail or other sticky situations with Monopoly money.

3) Monopoly money is all bills with lots of pretty colours. Virtual or not Bitcoins are coins.

4) The banker controls the Monopoly money during the game. Bitcoins are controlled by … hmmm, good question.

5) Monopoly money is used to play a game. Bitcoin mining seems like a game but it is real somehow.

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