Thanksgiving Recap: The Social Media Edition

As we shuffle down to the half clean kitchen walking past the playroom that has been hit by a hurricane of children let ‘s take a look back at Thanksgiving through the social media lens.

There is Pinterest: “Look
at all the pies I’ve pinned. 100 versions of pumpkin pie.”


Then there’s the Facebook status with the obligatory Thankful post and all the family photos of football games, cousins shot before the fights break out. “I am thankful for pie and my community. ”


Then there’s the Instagram version with the artsy photos of the turkeys and tablescapes. ” Look how cool my pie turned out. Isn’t it beautiful in this light?”


Then there’s the Twitter version. @nittygritty Why does my mom hate me? What is uncle Matthew drinking now? “OMG this pie sucks! Is the filling supposed to have this much umami?”


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