30 Days of Comfort and Joy: December Dining in Boston (1-10)

Comfort and joy comes in many shapes, forms, sizes and packages  Here is my selection of places to find comfort and joy one bite at a time this month.

30 Days of Comfort and Joy: Dining in Boston -1 through 10
30 Days of Comfort and Joy: Dining in Boston -1 through 10
  1. The crispy Denver lamb rib with mint pesto at the Biltmore Bar and Grille, a hidden gem in Newton, is perfect.  I don’t usually like mint condiments but I begged for the recipe on this one.  I can picture myself stepping out of the winter slush and settling in for the evening at a table with friends or with my husband with an order of lamb and sipping a cocktail or two.
  2. Tea at L’Espalier isn’t just tea.  It is tea in one fabulous Boston restaurant.  On Sundays, you’ll get a tea education and wine glass after wine glass filled with all the different beautiful and fragrant cups of tea.  The “icing on the cake” are the perfectly paired bites that accompany the tea.  Coming up on December 15th is the Princess (Princes are welcome too!) Tea. It is $50 for adults, $35 for princesses & princes (under 12) A tea service for good little girls and boys! Bring your children for a tea service that will delight them, complete with tiaras and crowns. Our Fantasy Tea service will also be available on this day.
  3. Comfort comes in all shapes and sizes.  A favourite of mine is round with a whole in the middle… and no it is not a doughnut. I recently bit into a salty, chewy, fresh bagel from Cutty’s made by Bagelsaurus.  I loved Cutty’s and can’t wait to go back for lunch one day soon, but first another bagel.  Bagels are available until they sell out on Fridays and Saturdays and comes in the following varieties:  Classic, Everything, Sesame, Poppy, Sea Salt, Black Olive, Pretzel.
  4. Montreal Bagels really have nothing to do with NY Style bagels.  It’s a bit like coffee and coffee with sugar in it.  They are two totally different things.  I bounce back and forth between the two.  If you want fresh Montreal Bagels (you pretty much have to go to Montreal to Fairmount or St. Viateur -my faves-) or you can pick St. Viateur bagels up at Walnut Market in Newton, but call ahead to find out which day they come in fresh. Next best thing is Whole Foods Market which carries Real Bagels from Montreal.  These are best toasted.  Sesame is always the way to go.
  5. Continuing on with a bread theme here and since we still have a couple days left of Chanukah, let’s talk Challah.  Hi Rise Bakery has the best challah in my opinion.  It is perfect to eat fresh or later for french toast.  It has a little sweetness but is less cakey than the very popular (in our household and around town) Cheryl Anne’s.  It also has the best chewiness.  You just want to curl up inside the soft braided strands and take a nap.
  6. Although I’m more of a bread lover than a breakfast sweet seeker, doughnuts are a definite comfort food.  I love going into Linda’s and they have the best doughnuts.  Sometimes they run out though, and just a short drive further down towards Belmont leads you to the next best doughnut around Ohlin’s.
  7.   Trade in Boston is all about joy!  The space is airy and chic, the diners are usually dressed in business attire, but the food has loosened their tie.  There is nothing like a business lunch or lunch with the family after playing in Boston.  The flatbreads are light or rich, bright, and full of flavour.  All of the starters have such amazing flavour.  The menu isn’t necessarily child friendly, but I went with my picky eater and he had fries and lemonade (we got more nutrition in him later).  Totally worth it!
  8. Pizza and ice cream are the favourites of the young and the young at heart.  Picco in the South End has fabulous pizza and ice cream.  Totally comfort food!  Not to mention milk shakes.
  9. Since we’re talking sweet now, let’s pop into Tatte for another taste of pure comfort and joy.  Their Cheesecake Cup is perfect for sharing (it’s big enough) but if you are in need of major comfort you can go it alone.  There is something about eating cheesecake with a spoon out of a cup.  It is a whole extra level of comfort. Whether you like cheesecake or not, walking into Tatte is an experience of both comfort and joy.
  10. Speaking of spoons.  A meal with a whole lot of comfort and joy is Mongolian Hot Pot at Little Q in Arlington.  You’ll be using a spoon and chopsticks as you cook, and eat.  The black bone chicken stock is the ultimate comfort food.  As for what you want to cook in it, the choices are endless. We get: fried tofu, baby bok choy, noodles (shandong, vermicelli, or udon), rice cake, sirloin, broccoli, and corn if its in season.  If you want heat, get 1/2 Mala and 1/2 black bone chicken.  The Mala will blow your top off so be sure to take the chilis out half way through.

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  1. grouchymama says:

    Great list, I have to try all of them ; )


    1. leahklein says:

      I’ll help you!


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