Join the Club: Pining for Wine

Wine clubs membership is a gift that won't go to waste.
Wine clubs membership is a gift that won’t go to waste.

Just because beer options have become incredible doesn’t mean that wine disappears in the shadows.  There are beer lovers and there are wine lovers and there are those who are smart enough to appreciate it all.  This one is for those who appreciate wine.  From cocktail hour to night caps there are all sorts of wines for all occasions and the best way to get to know which ones you like best for what, is to try new things.

90+ Cellar Wine Club is a perfect way to keep the wine fridge stocked.  The club allows you to try new bottles every quarter including exclusive releases from 90+ Cellars. Price ranges from $90 to $170 for a six bottle delivery. Tasting notes and additional information is sent along with each shipment.  Club members are also get 15% off all other orders from 90+ Cellars online store.

90+ Cellar sent me a few bottles to sample.  I was very impressed with the quality of the wine and I will continue to seek out 90+ as I shop to restock my wine cellar this time of year.

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