Join The Club: Beer-cause I Love You That Much

Beer is not just a passing trend.  Beer in our fair city and country has grown up over the past decade.  From pairings to offerings beer is no longer wine’s plaid wearing, “hoser” like, scraggly bearded younger sibling.  She’s all grown up!  But like wine, it’s not easy to know what you like and why until you get out there and try more bottles.  The Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont has a monthly beer club delivered right to your door.  If you prefer to get out of the house to enjoy beer then consider Hopster’s: Brew and Boards 99 Club.

Hopster's Brew and Board and Craft Beer Cellar have you covered for all the beer lovers in your family.
Hopster’s Brew and Board and Craft Beer Cellar have you covered for all the beer lovers in your family.

Craft Beer Cellar’s Beer Club comes in different forms.  There is The Sampler, The Half Sampler, and several specialty bundles.  The beer is delivered to your door on the first week of every month. Craft Beer Cellar aims to run a spectrum of styles each month, bu also focus on seasonality and time of year, as it’s relevance to craft beer.

  • The Sampler: Twelve – Small Bottles (9.3 – 12oz) and Three – Large Bottles (12.7oz – 25.4oz) is $54.95/month for a year, $57.95/month for 6 – 11 months or $59.95/month for 1-5 months.
  • The Half Sampler: Six – Small Bottles and Two – Large Bottles. $29.95/month for a year, $32.95/month for 6-11 months, or $34.95/month for 1-5 months.
  • The Wee Belgian: Four – Small, Delicious, and Notable Belgian Bottles (typically 11.2oz) $30/month.  For $15 add on Westvleteren, Drie Fonteinen, De Struise, and other rare specialties.
  • The Mighty Belgian: Two – Large, Devine, and Extraordinary Bottles (typically 25.4oz) $30/month for $15 add on Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, Fantome, and other RARE Specialties.
  • Small International Flare Four Small, Ecentric, Hipster Bottles, from some of the worlds newest breweries for $30/month  For $15 add on Barrel-Aged and other similar specialty beers.
  • Sour Business: Two – Small, Tart, Puckering Bottles of Damned Fine Lambics (11.2-12.7oz) and Two – Large, Lucious, Sweet, Tart, and Sour Lambics (typically 25.4oz) for $45/month.  For $15 add treats such as Drie Fonteinen Golden Blend, Fantome Extra Sour, etc.

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