Join the Club: I Love You Because You are Cheesy

The best kind of cheesy gift!  Formaggio Kitchen memberships.
The best kind of cheesy gift! Formaggio Kitchen memberships.

Formaggio kitchen is more than a majestic cheese cave, but I think you know that already. Of course there is a cheese of the month club.  Each month, Formaggio hand selects three cheeses with a special focus on seasonal cheeses, and what is looking its best at that time. Each monthly selection will include a variety of milk types, textures, flavor profiles and regions and will be approximately 1.5 pounds in total weight.  It is available for three months ($199), six months ($385), and twelve months ($740).   There is the connoisseur cheese club as well that includes cheese and an accompaniment that highlights the cheeses as well.

In addition to the clubs, but just for locals,  Formaggio has two “community food share” memberships.  Similar to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) but for cheese or charcuterie.

The Local Cheese share includes four varieties of cheese from different producers around the Northeast. You’ll get to know more about the variety of local cheeses, but also the stories and people behind them, as each cheese will be accompanied by information about the artisans and farms that produced it. Members of the Local Cheese community will also receive special subscriber-only cheeses not regularly available at Formaggio Kitchen. The Local Cheese Share, you’ll receive 1/4 to 1/3 pound of each of four cheeses every month. The shares are available for three months ($99) or six months ($179).

If you’re looking for cured meat you’ll have to check out the Charcuterie share here.

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