An Heirloom Kitchen in Dedham: From their kitchen to your table

When Bakers’ Best closed it was a sad day for me.  Even though it is not in my neighbourhood I would drive over to Newton because I knew I could pick up some really good food on a day that I didn’t want to cook.  I liked it better than takeout because you see the food you are choosing before you bring it home.  I liked it better than the prepared food at Whole Foods because the quality and taste was more consistent.  Of course, since I love to cook, I managed okay and I found The Modern Rotisserie to somewhat fill the void.  Now, new to the take-out, delivery, prepared food scene is Heirloom Kitchen in Dedham.  I had the chance to sample some of their menu last week and I was really impressed.

It is difficult to make good food.  It is much more difficult to make good food and figure out a way to package and deliver it so that it can be reheated and enjoyed as if it just came out of the kitchen.

Squash soup from Dedham's Heirloom Kitchen.
Squash soup from Dedham’s Heirloom Kitchen. The soup came with the pumpkin seed garnish in a separate container.  It was a little spicy for my lunch guest, but I really enjoyed the heat.

Heirloom Kitchen carefully labels all of the dishes with ingredients and heating instructions.  If you have specific dietary restrictions or needs, you can meet with the the chef for an in-store consultation.  They also label dishes that are vegetarian, gluten free and vegan.  You can stop into the Dedham kitchen and store or you just order online for delivery if you live or work in Dedham, West Roxbury, Roslindale, Westwood, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Brookline, Fenway, South End, Back Bay, Downtown Boston, Dover, Norwood, Needham, Wellesley, Wellesley Hills, Needham Heights, Chestnut Hill or Newton.  Delivery days vary by town and can be found here.

I love that Heirloom Kitchen sources some of their ingredients from local farmers and that they have a creative but not too odd of a children’s menu.

This first sampling was sent to me for review.  All opinions are my own, and I look forward to driving out to Dedham to check out the shop myself because I was really impressed with the food I sampled.  There are weeks when I don’t want to cook, I don’t have time to cook, or I’m just in a rut.  Those are the weeks when I am happy to pick up prepared foods.

These cookies tasted like they were made at home.  Not too sweet.  Just right.

These cookies tasted like they were made at home. Not too sweet. Just right.
This is one of my favourites: Not Your Mother’s Pot Roast. It was cooked perfectly. It did not dry out when reheated. The potatoes were so soft and fluffy and the baby Brussels sprouts were delicious although one or two did get a bit too dark when reheated.





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