The Modern Rotisserie Saves Rosh Hashanah


It used to be that I could count on Bakers’ Best for all my holiday needs. Whatever I did not have time, desire or ability to make I could pick up at Bakers’ Best to round out my menu. A few years ago Bakers’ Best closed their restaurant/deli/takeout spot and decided to just do catering.

Over the summer I heard talk about Marjorie Drucker of New England Soup Factory opening a rotisserie spot. Between first day of school, my son’s birthday, and feeling a cold coming on, I knew I needed to outsource some of my holiday cooking for Rosh Hashanah. I had an inkling that The Modern Rotisserie would fill the void that Bakers’ Best left and I was pleasantly surprised.


From sides and soup to chopped liver and gravy. There were plenty of choice. I took a porcini kasha varnishkes, a squash purée, chopped liver, a cider-brined rotisserie chicken, some apricot glazed chicken and gravy. As expected it was amazingly good. Tasty, homey, modern yet familiar.



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  1. lorialper says:

    Bakers’ Best was my favorite. I’ll have to check out The Modern Rotisserie. Definitely need to outsource more next year. Especially if it falls during the first week of school again. It was waaay too hectic.


    1. leahklein says:

      I know! I miss Bakers’ Best, but am so happy to have The Modern Rotisserie as an option now. Craving it today in this chilly weather!


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