Pencil It In: This Week

Still trying to get my calendar to be a bit more streamlined.  Here is a more complete albeit late update to this week’s calendar of events.  It’s not comprehensive but it’s a bunch of events that sound fun and fabulous.  I will include more family friendly activities and events as we go.  I thought about separating them into separate calendars but that’s not how we live our lives.  We’re all intertwined and overlapped so for now so will be my PIN calendar.

I also am not including links.  If you want more info about the event, just Google it, or feel free to send me a tweet or leave a comment and I’ll be sure to pass along all the info you need!


Pencil it in:  Jan 18th - 24th
Pencil it in: Jan 18th – 24th

Save the date this weekend:  Saturday and Sunday’s Super Hunger Brunch, Crafter’s/ Knitter’s/Embroider’s Brunch at Gather Here on Sunday, and Jewish Asian New Year a Kitchen Kibitz pop up at Shojo Asian Bar and Bistro on Sunday.

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