NYC Ballet Workout: Day 1


Today is my official Day 1 of working towards getting back in the ballet studio.  I am eons away from the person I was dancing up to 40 hours a week and then still going out dancing with friends in the evening.  So I need to start small.  Very, very small.  I’m starting with 30 minutes as many days as I can (I’m shooting for 5 to start).

Today’s NYC Ballet Workout was about 45 minutes I think but I forgot to check the clock and I took a quick water break.

  • Warm Up – The moment when you remember how good it is to move and focus on your physical body.
  • Abdominals and leg darts
  • Pliés
  • Tendus
  • Arabesque raises
  • Little Jumps –The moment when you realise how really terribly out of shape you are.
  • Grand Battements Front
  • Révérance – The moment when you thank yourself for taking these 30 minutes to move.


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