Future EGOTs: The show of a lifetime.

I just had the privilege of seeing the greatest show ever! It probably won’t be nominated for an Oscar, or a Grammy. It won’t make the cut for the Tony’s or the Emmy’s, but it’s where it all begins.

They might not have had the perfect performance and hit every note and they may not have been wearing the perfect outfit, but you know this is where it all begins. From each shaky note, emerges a glow that can only come from getting up on stage in front of your peers, your family, and your community. After each successful magic trick, their shoulders float just a little bit higher. The comedian holds her breath waiting for the peels of laughter that end up leaving her walking on air as she leaves the stage. They are wearing suits, and gowns. They have a little sparkle on their outfits and in their eye.

On a stage simply set, children grab microphones and stand center stage, the settle in behind a keyboard, they saunter over to a drum set, they strut their stuff in pairs, trios and quartets.

  • It is the dimple in their smile that is 1/2 fear and 1/2 thrill…
  • It is the tremor in their first notes…
  • It is the extra second they linger on the stage as the audience cheers…
  • It is the sound of their name being shouted out by someone in the audience…
  • It is the clapping, tapping, and snapping from the spectators…
  • It is the swaying and the cheering…
  • It is the flowers and the compliments from strangers…
  • It is the post-performance energy they share with their fellow performers…

…that creates a spark within them.

As a spectator you know that this is where it will all begin for a future piano virtuoso, the next pop star, the future host of the Tonight Show, the future cast of Saturday Night Live, the next best dance crew, and the EGOTS of tomorrow.

p.s. Support the arts. Support the arts in your schools.  Support the arts in your community.

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