It’s Out of the Park!: Fenway Beyond The Green Monster

beyond FenwayYou don’t have to be at Fenway to gather with Red Sox Nation and enjoy the game.  You don’t have to be sitting on your couch either.  You don’t have to bring the kids to a local sports bar to watch the game either. Today you have the perfect solution: Out of the Park.

Out of the Park takes the Red Sox game, and broadcasts it live, with some of the energy, buzz and activities you experience at Fenway, but at a local park.  The Red Sox, in partnership with the Highland Street Foundation, which provides access and opportunities in education, housing, mentoring, health care, the environment and the arts, has created a new way to enjoy Red Sox games.

Starting today, at 1:40 at Ramsay Park at Jim Rice Field in Roxbury (1917 Washington St.), the Red Sox game will be shown live on screen.  Wally will be hanging out with the crowd.  The Red Sox DJ TJ Connelly will be there along with the Hot Tamales Brass Band.  In addition, there will be caricaturists, balloon artists, face painters, giveaways and refreshments.

If you can’t make the game today, then save the dates for the next Out of The Park games.  Sunday, June 22nd in Franklin Park, Dorchester at 4:05 p.m. and Sunday, July 27th on Boston Common at 1:40.

So let’s get the park and watch ball!

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