Talking to Fathers

I have a father and for most of my life also had two grandfathers.  Now that I’m married I have fathers-in law.  Now that I have children I have a husband who is a father as well.  Until recently, when I’ve been interviewing several Boston area fathers for a few pieces I’m working on I’ve always been a daughter, a daughter in law and a wife.  During my interviews,  I got to see fathers in a different light.  I wasn’t being a daughter, a daughter in law or a wife.  I gained a new perspective and understanding of what fatherhood means beyond Father’s Day ties, Viagra commercials, and the day to day life of mom vs. dad, tag team, get it done parenthood.

Conn/Klein Family Photo

I’m going to start with my dad, who I introduced briefly #16 on He’s a huge influence on my life and although I would love to see him in Boston more often I appreciate the fact that he gets to travel and do work he loves, which is what keeps him so busy.  He is a wonderful, loving grandfather (we call him papi) to my two children.

I am biased but I think of my family as caring, intelligent, non-conforming, loving children, culture and food

[My family is made up of: ] my wife, my children, my grandchildren and myself.. After that my siblings, my mother, Uncle Oscar and Auntie Phil.

1.What is one of your first memories of fatherhood?
Being present throughout the birth
2. What is something you see in your child(ren) that you know came from you? (favorite ice cream flavour, love of nature, sense of humour)
Loving children
3. What do you most look forward for your child(ren) in the future? (goal accomplished, experience something new, become more and more themselves, milestone)
That they enjoy their lives4. What do you remember from your childhood that you’re not sure your child will ever be able to experience because of changing times?
Everything is relatively good because initial expectations were low.5. If you and your spouse traded places for the day what would you find most challenging?  What do you think your spouse would find most challenging?
Being half as good as her. Proving a theorem.


For my upcoming Father’s Day series I wanted to talk to a variety of dads, from artists to business men, sports players to stay at home parents.  It was fascinating to hear the common themes that were mentioned by these different dads who have children of varying ages and stages of life.  For father’s day I have asked 5 questions to 5 different Boston area dads including: a Red Sox player, a stay at home dad/photographer/writer and husband of a local Top Chef, a Boston Ballet dancer, a dad who works for the Red Sox Foundation, and a chef who works at a local farm.



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