Vegetables Wanted: Meat Need Not Apply

I’m not Zagat or the Michelin Guide.  I don’t have as many categories as Urbanspoon or the unpredictability of Yelp.  I’m more of a kitchen kitty than a Chowhound.  That being typed, I get texts while I’m putting the kids to bed that look like this:


I spend a good part of my day sharing my opinion (whether you like it or not) about all things food.


Requests for recipes, places to find ingredients, and where I got my last coffee or cocktail are not uncommon for me at any time of day and I welcome them all.  I have to admit despite the fact that I write about it all, and get out to try as much as I can, I can’t always think of the answer on the spot but I do my best.

Recently a request for vegetable recipes on Facebook popped onto my wall. I love vegetables.  Sometimes I forget how much I love vegetables.  These are the types of recipe that make me happy and satisfy my vegetable cravings.

This roasted vegetable sandwich from the LA Times. Use a but of smoked salt or Maldon salt and leave out the anchovies if you want it vegetarian.

Make a batch of this ginger-cilantro rice and grill some of your favourite vegetables to serve with it.

Buy some really good Parmesan. Make this ratatouille (I use Mollie Katzen’s) and with a vegetable peeler carve long thin curls to drop over the warm vegetables.

I will often get one thick cut slice of bacon or pancetta from Formaggio Kitchen. About 1/4 inch thick. I’ll snip it into little cubes and cook it on medium to low to let the fat render. Take out the crunchy bits and drain on a paper towel. Then use the fat in the pan to sauté whatever delicious greens you have from your farm share or market. If there is more than a TBSP of fat drain it. You can use even less fat if you are making a smaller portion. Use Bok Choy, kale, broccoli, baby spinach, toss in a few garlic scapes and pepper. Serve over toast or rice. Top with a fried egg if you need a little more substance.

Good vegetables prepared well beat out a piece of meat on a plate any day.

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  1. You are now my new go-to for restaurant suggestions! Good to know Leah. I’m with you on the veggies…..


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