Swept Away by a Rug (Sponsored)

We love to be home, but being home doesn’t always mean hanging out within the walls of the house.  There are front stoops, small porches, and a back deck.  At our house, we have a backyard that hasn’t quite come into its own yet.  Until now.

The fire pit side is complete.  You can't see the red cushions but they match the red of my shoes.  Now we just need to tie in the other side.
The fire pit side is complete. You can’t see the red cushions but they match the red of my shoes. Now we just need to tie in the other side.

Just like a sitting room, a living room, or a den, the back yard is a room of sorts, just one without a ceiling above it.  The open space is what makes it such a wonderful rewarding space to hang out in.  The open space is also what makes it such a hard area to pull together cohesively.

We recently added some furniture, some stones (our grass would not grow because it is too shady in the yard), and a fabulous fire pit.  Since our yard is divided into two areas.  One with the fire pit and stone and the other with pavers.  My next task is to tie in both sides of the yard.  The perfect solution?  An outdoor rug of course.  I think I’ve finally gotten over the fact that New England can’t handle outdoor rugs.  It is not like we are Arizona or some other desert state.  I’ve seen and touched enough outdoor rugs to realize that the materials we have available to us now means that the rugs really can handle our weather.  We have reds on our couch cushions and blues on our hanging chair now all I have to do is find the perfect rug to pull it all together.

I love this look designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.  The classic stripe is a great summer look, but I think I want one rug that will really work well for all three outdoor seasons.  During winter, I’ll have to settle for an icy white shag rug aka snow.

 This one from Kerrie Kelly Design Lab still has a classic stripe but the colours could work well for fall and spring as well.  Since we’ve got red and blue though, I think I need to keep looking because I don’t want too many colours going on at once.

Outdoor Transitional Living by
Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

This one from Darlene Molnar, LLC. might be perfect.  I love the neutral rug with the red trim.  It could tie the spaces together perfectly in a subtle way.

Rooftop Terrace by
Darlene Molnar, LLC.

Whether you want to find a rug for an outdoor space or an indoor room,  Wayfair is giving you 15% off all area rugs from Thursday, July 31st through Monday, August 4th with the code RUGLUV27.

How to transform an outdoor space to create an additional “room”.


  1. Decide what the space can best be used for.  Is it a play space or a lounge area? Is there a lot of light for an outdoor garden or raised beds to grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs?  Is the space large enough for a play structure? Is it shady and best for just a small full shade garden? Is it easily accessible from the house?
  2. Decide what essential items are needed to transform the space. Do you have a yard that doesn’t drain well or is too shady for grass?  Do you want pavers or gravel? Will you put down new grass seed or sprinkle some wildflower seeds?
  3. Decide what your big purchase will be.  A play structure? Furniture? Fire pit? Dining table?  Do your research some items might not be as expensive as you think.  For example, fire pits come in a variety of prices.
  4. Set a budget.  Create a timeline. Make it happen.  Then, add a few details.  Find some trinkets from family or friends.  Browse the thrift stores and flea markets.  Give the space a little personality.

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Wayfair.  Wayfair provided me with a gift card as well as a discount code for my readers.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. John says:

    Looks like a great place to relax or entertain.


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