Bowl Kings: Step Inside

I love summer days by the ocean.  Poolside afternoons and early evenings swimming until our lips are blue are a huge part of summer fun.  Picking berries at the CSA and ignoring the sweltering heat because each fresh blueberry pops in our mouths with the taste of perfection defines summer.  Day after beautiful day outdoors is something we relish for this sunniest of New England seasons, but every once in a while you want to step out from the stronghold of the sun, leave the sunscreen in the pool bag, and switch it up for a day.  Today I traded my flip flops for bowling shoes and did just that at Kings in Back Bay.

My kids have become fine candlepin bowlers over the years thanks to the fun and fabulous Sacco Bowl, but if we want to play the bowling games that my grandmother was famous for (Yes, Simma has a shelf full of bowling trophies.) then we head for Kings.  It is our alley of choice because it is well maintained, has a great retro vibe, and most importantly we don’t have to rush off at lunch time to feed the kids because they serve really good food.

Here is a quick look at why we choose King’s.  I have only been to the one in Back Bay, but I look forward to an outing to Lynnfield to check out what lies behind that glittery facade!

Today I was a guest at King’s. As always all opinions are my own.

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