Summer Wines

When it comes to choosing wine I end up doing the same thing I do with books.  To choose a book I often judge it by it’s cover, I rely on a good librarian to help find something just right, or I recall a little blurb or review I read.  For wines I rarely remember what I liked or bought for some reason I just can’t recall wine names.  I am influenced by the way the wine label is designed.  My wine librarians are the curators of wine at small local shops like Hi Rise Bakery and Formaggio Kitchen because they have pre-selected a few great ones for the shop.  Over the years however, after hosting may dinners and parties I have started to like having a wine or two that is always in the cellar or fridge.  I have enjoyed wine for many years now and starting this year, well in truth a few years back when I first went to the Nantucket Food and Wine Festival, I am finally beginning to learn a lot more about wine.  Most recently I visited a few East Coast wineries on Long Island’s North Fork.

Summer WineFor summer, I started always having Riondo Pink Spago Argento.  It is an effervescent rosé that seems to be enjoyed by everyone.  I like wines that are little more on the dry side, but have friends who prefer wines that are a bit sweeter and this works for everyone.

Now I am going for a 2nd wine that I’ll stock in my fridge for the summer.  I was recently reintroduced to the Martin Códax Albariño.  It is one of those perfect summer wines that is crisp and dry enough for me, but not so dry that sweeter wine drinkers won’t enjoy it.

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