Summer Wines: Martin Códax Albariño

I was recently invited to Row 34, a restaurant on my “must try” list, to learn more about the 2012 Martin Códax Albariño.  At first sip, I was on board and after a meal of pairings I decided that I would definitely add this as one of my summer wine staples.  It has a really clean, bright taste with the crisp dryness that I like, but not too dry so those dinner guests, or I just was in the neighborhood and I popped in guests, who enjoy a sweeter wine can still enjoy it.

Row 34 Fort Point
Row 34, Fort Point Boston

The reason I plan on having this Albariño stocked in my wine fridge is that it took on different characteristics with each course.

Oysters at Row 34It paired beautifully with oysters and a Thai style ceviche.

Crudo at Row 34The wine was even brighter with a crudo that had a fried shallot or onion that just transformed the taste of the Albariño.

Lobster at Row 34It was delectable with lobster and continued to pair perfectly all the way through dessert which was a pound cake with lemon glaze and berries.

My new summer wine standby.
My new summer wine standby.

If I keep a bottle of the Martin Códax Albariño in the fridge I know I can pull it out to share with friends over an aperitif of olives, bruschetta or other such small bites.  I know I can whip up a batch of mussels and it will be perfect with a glass of the wine in the mussels and with the mussels.  I know I can have friends over for a girls’ night in with popcorn, a little dark chocolate and a nicely chilled glass of the Albariño. IMG_7338

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  1. Jody and Ken says:

    Albarino’s one of the great unsung heroes of summer, standing at the back of the crowd of roses vying for everyone’s attention. Ken

    1. leahklein says:

      Have you tried this one? Do you have a favourite Albariño?

      1. Jody and Ken says:

        Nah. I just like Albarino. I’ always on the lookout for alternative to chardonnay–I don’t drink most California wines and I can’t afford to drink most white Burgundies casually, ergo Albarino. I also like trying varietals that have been neglected–and are now being revived–or were never exported to the US.

  2. I am NOT a wine drinker but I totally would if that meant I had that lobster dinner with it. Yum!

    1. leahklein says:

      It was so good! I highly recommend Row 34 wine or not.

  3. Wow, Leah! That lobster dish looks amazing. I think I’ll have to try out Row 34 AND the wine! I love discovering a new wine – thanks for the tip!

    1. leahklein says:

      Definitely. You’ll love Row 34 too.

  4. Let me know when that popcorn, chocolate and wine night is because YES!
    I’m always on the lookout for a nice light wine in the summertime. I’ll have to check this one out. What’s the price point?

    1. leahklein says:

      It’s a great summer wine and reasonable. I think it is $12-15. I think we might need a back to school parent party with popcorn chocolate and wine!

  5. Sounds like a relaxing choice for a variety of get togethers. Not to mention the fact it pairs so well with a variety of foods. I wish I liked wine…. I know, crazy! Maybe I just haven’t had the right one yet. Mmmm, that pound cake with lemon glaze and berries sounds delectable.

    1. leahklein says:

      You really don’t like wine?! Any kind? Are you a beer drinker or cocktail drinker or nothing alcoholic? If you drink at all I’d have to guess that you just haven’t had the right wine yet :).

  6. Sounds like a good wine to try. We may have to look into that.

    1. leahklein says:

      It’s very nice and not too expensive so it’s a great summer wine to have on hand.

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