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I used to dread the “quick” errands my mom would take me on.  “We just have to do one quick errand,” my mom would say.  After the first store I would think, “Well that wasn’t too bad,”  but I always thought too soon as I sat in the back of the car staring through the rusted hole to the road below.  “We just need to make a quick stop to Dutch Boy.”  and that would be followed by “I just have to get a few things at the health food store.  You can choose a treat from one of the bulk bins though!”  Then we’d take a quick detour out of town somewhere at some farm to pick up a 1/4 of some animal or other to put in the chest freezer.

Yet, here I am decades later, dragging my children around town from store to store getting just the right ingredients for just the right prices to keep the pantry, root “cellar”, and chest freezer well stocked.  We have a CSA.  We get weekly deliveries from VT via Farmer’s To You.  I get most of my grocery store staples from a local market.  Some weeks it works and some weeks it is a bit much.

Peapod Parking SpotWhen my children were first born I used Peapod Delivery.  The perfect choice especially after two  C-sections and a flight of stairs up to the kitchen.  At every food store from Whole Foods to local specialty markets I have noticed a recent upswing of options.  During end of school craziness, the “personal shopping” option piqued my interest but I never got it together to step outside my usual shopping routines and try it out.

It is a bit ridiculous that it took an assignment and offer from the folks at Peapod by Stop & Shop to get me to take that step in a new direction.  It just goes to show how set in our ways we can be and what it takes to change such habits. Within about 3 minutes I was fully on board and I am now going to  make this a regular thing.

How it works:

Peapod Pick Up Service

Where it works

Not all Stop and Shop locations have the Peapod Pick Up service.  I did pick up at the Watertown location which is perfect for me.  I love to go to Russo’s but rarely want to make a second shopping stop next door at Stop and Shop.  Pick up allows me to shop both stores without dragging the kids in and out of two stores and with less than 5 additional minutes added to the trip. Check the website  to see which Peapod Pick Up service works best for you.

My pick up location was:  Super Stop & Shop at 700 Pleasant Street in Watertown.  There are 29 locations within 30 miles of me so check to see if you have a pick up location near you.

My new best friend.
My new best friend.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m loving this idea! It would be great for a new mom to order and have a friend pick it up, too. I will remember this!


  2. Oh how I wish we had this service in South Florida!


  3. I’m obsessed with peapod! Sometimes we have it delivered, sometimes I pick up– all depends on our schedule. It is a huge time saver as a working mama!


  4. I’ve always wanted to try Pea Pod- especially when my kids were infants and it was impossible to get out. What a great service!


  5. I can’t do it, I have to go in and get all my own stuff. I think it is the obsessive compulsive in me.


    1. leahklein says:

      I get that Andrew. I actually enjoy grocery shopping and like the routine and ritual of it all. But since I only get a few things at the super market and I can shop online for them it actually works. I challenge you to give it a try some day. Even if you just logon and fill a cart but don’t actually place the order. Take it for a test drive.


  6. Pilar says:

    I’ve seen the Peapod truck driving through my neighborhood and have always been intrigued. Thinking I’m going to give their site a browse to learn more 🙂


    1. leahklein says:

      The delivery is nice. I actually think I prefer the pick up service now that I’m shuttling the kids here and there. I can just pop by the parking lot and have my groceries loaded up.


  7. imnotasupermom says:

    I’m so jealous of people with Peapod. Hoping it comes to my city.


  8. I’ve used PeaPod to deliver before but will have to see if we have the pick up service option too!


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