Design: From Gallery to Fashion to Food

I admit I am not really sure how someone has a “good eye” or an eye for design.  I think some of it is based on experience but in part it must just be something you are born with.  It is also could be just what some individuals notice and others don’t see.  This summer I had a chance to stop by Lauren Brooks’ Crudité Creations kitchen/studio where she designs and creates bouquets of crudités for small family events, large corporate gatherings, and  just “thinking of you” deliveries.

Growing up, Lauren remembers seeing her mother set up openings in her art gallery.  She would help her mom set out displays of finger foods to accompany each opening.  In a gallery, every detail matters. This was one of several stepping stones that led Lauren to her passion, creating art out of food.

DSC_1178Lauren gave us a peek into the process of what it takes to create one of these crispy, crunchy, fresh and healthy works of edible art.  It is part design, part food styling, and party knowing a lot about the produce she is working with.

Professionally, Lauren went from galleries to design and became a fashion buyer.  Yet another creative position where an eye for design and style matters.

DSC_1158I love a crunchy crisp vegetable as is.  Adding in fun shapes and cutting them into bite size pieces makes it even more enjoyable.  The icing on the cake, however, is adding in a few dips.

Lauren spent several years in Israel where her husband played professional basketball and it was those years that must have influenced her hummus because I have had a lot of hummus in my life and this one is top notch!  In addition to hummus, Crudité Creations has a ranch dip, caramelized onion dip, and white bean dip.DSC_1180What we also learned by spending time with Lauren is that creating a bouquet is no simple task.  Between prep, design, and completion each bouquet takes a long time to create.  On the other hand, watching children devour a bunch of crudité with relish in minutes is totally worth it. I think this is  a great gift idea for new parents, a treat for the Teacher’s Lounge, and the perfect pre-trick-or-treating treat to serve at a Halloween Party.  Crudité Creations is based out of Newton, MA and can be ordered online here.

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  1. Kris Bria says:

    Lovely veggies and model!


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