Meditation, Sound, & A New Voice For Innovation: ArtScience at Le Lab

Le Laboratoire is not new, it’s just new to Cambridge, and it fits perfectly in to its new neighbourhood in Kendall Square. Introducing Le Laboratoire is a full post in itself (which is coming soon) but I just want to put ArtScience @ Le Lab on your radar so you don’t miss this first one.

ArtScience @ Le Lab is a free bi-monthly evening seminar series with artists, designers, scientists, chefs, engineers, perfumiers, and others. The seminars will lay the foundation for a discussion about creativity and culture about the interaction of art, science and design. The seminars fall under one of each of these four themes:
Art & Medicine: ArtSenses
Art, Design, Engineering & Biology
Culture & Innovation

The first of this series will be Vocal Vibrations on November 1st curated by David Edwards and Carrie Fitzsimmons. The seminar will feature Vocal Vibrations composer, inventor, and educator Tod Machover, artist, designer and architect, Neri Oxman and The Venerable Tenzin Priyardarshi director of The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values. Seating is limited so reservations are encouraged by email to Ankica Koldzic


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