Snow Birds & Tequila Flights: Escape to Olé


Even though the sun is shining and it feels warm on our faces, just about this time of year, we might all like to imagine jetting off to somewhere that allows you to step outside without an extra 10 lbs (that’s not even including all that carbo-loading we’re doing to hibernate) of boots and coats and muffs and hats. The truth is, we’re not all snowbirds and winter is here to stay for at least the next few months. On the other hand, there are some great ways to escape winter. One of my recommendations, is a night out at Olé.IMG_3383

Olé is in Inman Square in Cambridge and is like stepping into a little piece of Mexico. In fact, I’ve been told that the President of Mexico tries to stop in for a meal if he’s in town. The space is cozy and inviting. You feel warmer even before the chill disappears from your cheeks. The bar is a large wrap around bar to the right of the entrance and on the left is a cozy dining area. For larger groups or a special event, there is a wonderful back room as well.

What I recommend, is that you grab a friend, someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with, or your much neglected significant other, and park yourselves on a couple of seats at the bar. If you drink Tequila, or even if you think you don’t, talk to the bartender about Tequila. Taste a few different ones you will be surprised. On a recent blogger dinner, Kim from Kim World and myself were invited to try Olé. As guests, we were treated to dinner, but as always, all opinions are my own. I have been a fan of Olé for a long time, but since kids have only been a few time and have instead enjoyed the convenience of Olécito especially since my one picky eater will not eat much more on the menu than a few tortilla chips.

Unlike your favourite burrito bar or Tex Mex restaurant, Olé has flavours you won’t find anywhere else nearby. The corn tortillas they make themselves are supple and slightly elastic (exactly how you want them – trust me). The sauces are refined, but like something that a Mexican Abuela might have simmering on the stove all day.

Fresh corn tortillas.
The masa is ground for the corn tortillas. They are perfect and totally addictive.



IMG_3359 IMG_3358 IMG_3357 IMG_3356 IMG_3355 IMG_3354


IMG_3348 IMG_3347

IMG_3341 IMG_3340 IMG_3339

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