Corned Beef & Cabbage: Just Add Cooking & Moody’s Deli

If you haven’t been to Moody’s Deli yet you are missing out.  I certainly haven’t been recently enough and I know there is a lot of excitement over in Waltham as Moody’s expands to include The Back Room.  In addition to providing the area with some of the best charcuterie around, Joshua Smith is expanding his footprint in Waltham and has partnered with Just Add Cooking for Saint Patrick’s Day and more. 

If you’re like me you’re in a state of stupor standing with one foot in a giant melted snow puddle your gaze stuck on a mountain of greying snow, and you are trying to figure out what time it is exactly and whether or not you remembered to change your wristwatch.  Last year this time I was corning my own beef.  This year, the fridge is bare and the corned beef will have to be outsourced. 

In addition to thinking about the holidays to come, especially Passover in our house, which we host, I’m juggling one ball too many. Every day work, extra-curricular activities and trying to plan summer programs, complete applications, and getting all the right paper work, etc. is making it so that planning dinner is the straw that’s breaking this camel’s back.  

I have the opportunity to try out Just Add Cooking and I’m truly impressed already with the ease of signing up and using the website.  Even more impressive is that they are partnering with Joshua Smith of, New England Charcuterie and Moody’s.  Each meal should take about 30 minutes to make which is just perfect for our schedule these days. 

If you want to try, Joshua Smith’s corned beef and cabbage recipe, head over to Just Add Cooking and check it out.  If you’re feeling swamped, try out the service.  You can order the ingredients for meals for 2 people or 4 people.  Smith also shares recipes for Bangers and Mash (I ordered that one too) and Choucroute Garnie.  

What am I going to do with this extra free time?  Head to the liquor store of course and figure out which beers and wines I can pair with my meals to get me through the week.

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