Spring Eggs: Passover or Easter The Chicken Doesn’t Care

Eggs are a symbolic part of both Passover and Easter.  As a lover of anything crafty and fun, of course I had to adopt the practice of decorating eggs.  I can do without the bunny (that’s just totally confusing- I mean where does a bunny even get eggs?) I can skip all the sugar too since I didn’t grow up with it I don’t miss it. and, I may have gotten extremely ill at my first Easter party. But, decorating eggs is right up my alley.

We start our Seder with hard boiled eggs and everybody relishes them, but that’s only because we’re all starving and the actual meal still seems hours and three glasses of wine away.  Aside from that, we’re not huge hard boiled egg fans.  On the other hand, we love a good family breakfast with scrambled eggs, sunny sides up, the occasional egg in a hole, or our beloved crêpes. So, for a quick easy egg decorating project I used raw eggs that we can always cook later. These are not for an Easter egg hunt of course. These eggs are more for decoration and for the fun of the activity. They also make a cute display on the counter for whoever gets to work the egg station in the morning.

This activity used:

  •  White eggs 
  • Temporary tattoos 
  • A paper towel
  • Some water

I bought the tattoos at Target and the eggs too.   

The trick is to cut the tattoos out fairly close to the edge of the design. Take the clear plastic layer off the tattoo. Have a very wet paper towel ready. Place the slightly tacky side of the tattoo onto the egg and soak the back of the tattoo paper until the tattoo releases onto the egg. Carefully peek to see if the tattoo has completely transferred onto the egg.    



I recommend using fairly small tattoos so that one side of the egg stays unadorned.  That way when you crack the egg to cook with, the egg itself is not contaminated in any way by the tattoo which is surely not food safe.

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