Calling All Kids: Opening Day, Gate K, and Mayor Marty Walsh


Now that spring is in fact here and white monster of winter’s reign has retreated, the Green Monster can come out and play.  Today, Mayor Marty Walsh led a tour of Fenway and cut the rope for the new Gate K.  Fenway’s Gate K is designed for families and their littlest Red Sox fans to enter the ball park in an environment set up just for them, with family-friendly Fenway ambassadors donning red jackets guiding them as they enter.  Calling All Kids is the Red Sox’s newest ball park cry but it is more than just a phrase.  The Red Sox organization members have put themselves in the shoes of families (and in fact many have families of their own) and have made many changes to help families enjoy a game or two…or three or four at Fenway.

Ticket Prices

Going to a Red Sox game with two adults and two kids paying full price tickets was a stretch for just about any family.  To address this, the Calling All Kids initiative is offering a free ticket to children under 15 through the KidsPass program and students (high school through college) 15 and older can get $9 tickets through the Student Ticket program.


Taking the T is part of the Fenway experience and it makes getting to and from a game so much easier.  The folks at Fenway have been working with the T to make sure there are plenty of trains coming and going to and from the games.  In addition the new Yawkey Way station is a full service commuter rail station with an double track capacity now.

DSC_4425Take me Out of the Ball Game

Wally’s Clubhouse, which is open from the third to the seventh inning, is the perfect spot to take the kids if they need a break from the excitement, energy, noise, or sun at your seats.  Don’t worry though, the game will be playing on large screens in the clubhouse, but the kids can take a break and play a little Wii, work on a giant Wally floor puzzle, play with Duplo or Lego, play a round of “Wally says” or sit at a table and color.  There is a family bathroom located right outside the Clubhouse and of course Gate K has many concessions and entertainment for those short little attention spans.

Gate K at Fenway

This Way In

Gate K which is located right next to Gate B will have balloon artists, face painters, magicians, storytellers and more for families to enjoy (included in the price of the ticket).  Gate K creates a Red Sox Nation vibe that is welcoming to fans of all ages.  Having Fenway ambassadors there to guide families is a wonderful way to put everyone at ease whether you are attending your first Red Sox game as an adult, as a parent, or as a child.

Henry & WallyThere’s Wally

Of course a family visit to Fenway isn’t complete until you see Wally and Wally will be hanging out in his Clubhouse so you won’t have to chase him down to capture that Kodak moment. The Clubhouse is large enough to entertain quite a few families at a time and is divided in to areas that cater to fans of all ages.  For those of you who like to attend multiple games each season you can expect different entertainment in the Clubhouse and by Gate K throughout the season.


Take In The Game Trouble-Free

Did you know that any of the customer service stations throughout the ball park have just about anything you might have forgotten at home or run out of during the game.  I’m talking diapers in every size, extra wipes, band-aids (they cure everything don’t they?), sun block and other such items.  If they don’t have exactly what you need, they can definitely help you find it.  For families concerned about peanut allergies or other special needs, there are games that have areas that are peanut-free, and staff members ready and willing to help with special accommodations.  For severe allergies, please speak with a customer service agent prior to your visit for special arrangements.  Note that May 24th is the Red Sox’s autism awareness game, which has a quiet zone.

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

I was born a Blue Jays fan, but having called Boston my home for several decades now and I am definitely part of Red Sox Nation. Henry and I enjoyed visiting Wally’s Clubhouse along with other members of Kid Nation.  In addition to being a member of Kid Nation (which your families can all sign up for too). I have the privilege of being one of the many local bloggers who are part of the #RedSoxMoms.  As I learn more about Fenway, the Red Sox and upcoming special events I will do my best to share the info with my lovely readers!.  Now let’s play ball!

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