The Wheat Has Risen: Where to Binge on Bread this Weekend & Ever After

Passover ends on Saturday and all the lovely light and risen baked goods will be welcomed back into many of our lives.  Here are some of my favourite breads and baked treats and where to find them.  Bonus:  a one of a kind pop up that you won’t want to miss.


Let’s go big or go home here.  What could be better than a flaky pastry that rises with the help of butter sandwiched between layers of dough.  When I get a croissant I want it to be flaky and crisp on the outside.  I want it to be on the small side, the larger ones just don’t come out right.  I want the butter to have a slight caramelized taste and the inside to be springy, every so slightly yeasty and not greasy.

My favourite croissants can be found at: Praliné in Belmont, Dwelltime in Cambridge, and PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet.


We have discovered a new bread at Iggy’s Bread of the World in Cambridge that is so good.  Iggy’s breads are all sour dough based but it’s amazing the variety of loaves that come out of those ovens.  The Kamut bread is a must try.  If you can get there early in the morning, you’ll be able to pick up a loaf while it’s still warm.  The crust is crunchy and has a nice woodfired taste (even though it’s not woodfired).  Our daily bread is the Large Francese (aka holey bread) which we keep on hand for toast.

When it comes to baguette, my “go-to” is the Clear Flour baguette.  It reminds me most of the baguettes we used to get in France when I was little.  Clear Flour also has plenty of beautiful fun breads from Sunflower shapes to loaves in the shape of ladders.  Hi Rise has my all time favourite challah and their potato bread is spectacular too.  If you like sweet challah then Cheryl Ann’s is the one to go for.


Bagelsaurus created quite a buzz when they first opened and we’ve been hooked ever since.  As a Cambridge resident, I no longer have to trek to Brookline for a bagel and that works for me.  Bagelsaurus bagels are good for those of you who like a chewy bagel.  If you want a softer bagel, more similar to the local Finagel a Bagel, then stop into Pemberton Farms for an OMG Bagel.

On Saturday, April 18th save the date for Better Bagels pop up at Coppa in the South End. There will be a choice of plain, poppy, sesame, everything and salt bagels.  As for topping options there will be plain cream cheese ($6), scallion cream cheese ($6), Mortadella pimento cheese spread ($6), butter, bottarga, espelette combo ($6), trout roe cream cheese and charred broccoli ($8), Avocado, Calabrian chile and agrumato ($8).  Bagels are available from 9 a.m. until supplies run out.  Naked bagels will be $3 with a limit of 6 per order.  Please note that this will be CASH ONLY.  In addition to coffee to go there will be a selection of Coppa signature cocktails: the Bloody Mary, Coney Island Strong Man (yellow & green Chartreuse, lemonade, lager) and a Rhubarb Mimosa.


Seven Stars Bakery out of Rhode Island makes an amazing semolina loaf (that I buy at Whole Foods Fresh Pond).  Mamadou’s has a wonderful loaf topped with sesame seeds.  I get an incredible German style rye bread from Red Hen Baking Co via Farmer’s to You. Pain D’Avignon makes an delicious seeded rye and just about anything they make is a tasty treat worth seeking out. If you like a rich English Muffins then indulge with a Stone & Skillet English Muffin. If you want vegan and chocolatey then stop by Flour for their Vegan chocolate muffin. Flour is another spot where you can’t go wrong ordering anything that looks appealing to you. Newcomer Forge Baking Co. is making it’s mark with their baked goods from croissants to sweet treats.  A few places on my “yet to try” list are Café Madeleine (I hear their croissants are fab) and Blackbird Doughnuts (their donuts look delectable). I’m not usually a fan of Italian pastries, but the Iris at Brelundi blew me away this sugared raised donut is stuffed with some of the most amazing ricotta I have ever had.  Now if it’s pasta you’re looking for wherever you live find a way to get to Tuscan Market in Burlington, MA or Salem, NH.


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