Union Square Love: Somerville


Union Square is a place I drove through every week when I used to tutor a child.  It was somewhere I passed through but never had time to stop.  As the tutoring days ended and my family life began, I started to explore the area a little more.  Honk brought me to Union Square and so did a little work I used to do with EHChocolatier.  Not only has the neighborhood changed a bit from my tutoring days, but so has my perspective.  Union Square is so close it feels almost like a part of Cambridge; it is a little Cambridge annex. Here’s why I love to go to Union Square.

Bronwyn’s for their pretzels and delicious German fare.  It’s actually a great family spot for dinner. The kids get to drink soda in the same style glass beer mugs we had as kids.  They have soda here and only here and it is Maine Root soda so it’s a special treat.  The bretzels remind me of the pretzels we had as kids from our Mennonite farmer’s market.  The cocktails are fabulous too but deciding between cocktails and a beer from the fabulous beer list is a little tough.

Bloc 11 is the place to go for coffee, breakfast or lunch.  There is so much to love at Bloc 11 from a look into the space to a first bite or sip.  Bloc 11 also has outdoor movie nights in the summer, open mic nights and just a great vibe. To keep up with all the action follow Bloc 11 on Facebook and you’ll be sure to not miss the next best thing.

Gracie’s is new in town.  Making fun and fabulous ice cream and broiled fluff cones in the space that used to house another favourite of mine Sherman Market.  Gracie’s has unique flavours two of the latest we bought (last night) bro-reo for Isabelle (that’s a black raspberry Oreo) and brownie batter with chocolate chips for Henry.  As any New Englander (and Brit for that matter) knows ice cream is a year-round delicacy.  All the more months to sample and make all kinds of crazy fun flavours.  I loved that they had cinnamon heart ice cream last year for Valentine’s day.

Machu Chicken is a place you might walk by a dozen times before noticing.  It is right across from the more formal restaurant Machu Picchu Ristarante Turistico where the Somerville Ave. curves towards Washington Street.  Machu Chicken is better than just about any rotisserie chicken you can pick up.  It is also the kind of place that is just as good dining in or taking out. The Peruvian charcoal roasted chicken is served with a house salad and a choice of French fries, rice or potatoes.  Be sure to get some sauces too.  A 1/2 chicken is $12, 1/4 chicken is $7.50 and if you want a full on feast get the full chicken for $20 and add in some friend plantains, canary beans, fried or boiled yucca or some fried sweet potatoes.

Beadkreative is a colorful escape from the outside world.  It’s a great place to peruse for locally handmade jewelry for budgets of all sizes.  What makes Beadkreative unique is the eye for color.  Owners have made the space welcoming and approachable.  There are beads of all sizes and shapes that appeal to makers of all ages. Within minutes my daughter was already planning a party for herself and her friends.

Cider donuts are a star once a year but Union Square Donuts are popular year round. In fact, I think Union Square Donuts are popular every day of the week and every time of day.  They are known for their unique flavors and have vegan options too. Flavors include: Maple Bacon, Boston Cream, FluffaNutta, Apple Crisp, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Sea Salted Bourbon Caramel and vegan apple spice glazed among others.

On my radar…

Casa B (must try). I have heard so many wonderful things about Casa b and I’m sure it’s just some big mistake that I haven’t made it in there yet.  I really have no excuses except that parenting, budget, time, so many great restaurants/so little time story. Since I haven’t been here’s a peek at a review from someone that has: A Little Bit About… Case b.

I’ve been crushing a little on this new little spot Loyal Supply Co.  It just came across my radar so I haven’t been yet, but I’m planning on popping in very soon.  I’ll let you know how it goes, but in the meantime here is what the Somerville Beat has to say about it.

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  1. Jess Perkins says:

    Hi Leah,

    Jess Perkins, aka Zumba with Jess here, writing to let you know about the newest hottest Barre class to hit Union Square.
    No doubt you’ve heard and written about those other Barre classes, but let me tell ya… Booty Barre has raised the bar up a notch or two!
    Come check us out.

    Dance Union
    16 Bow St.
    Union Square, Somerville
    617 968-1695

    Jess Perkins, instructor

    (Runner-Up) BEST 2013 Zumba Classby Boston’s A-List!
    One of Boston’s Best Zumba Studios(2012) by CBS Local Boston!
    BEST 2012 Zumba Class by Boston’s A-List!
    Boston’s 10 Best Zumba Instructors of the Year (2012) by RateYourBurn


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