Rise & Shine: Wayfair Mornings

I may have mentioned that I write for Wayfair.com or perhaps you’ve read some sponsored posts recently.  I used to be a strict in store only shopper when it came to furniture and I had my favourite stores.  Over the years, the quality I counted on and the customer service I expected changed.  Having visited Wayfair for some workshops, I have gotten to know a bit more about the company and my fear of online ordering for house wares has diminished.  Boxes arrive at our house with toilets (yes we ordered our new toilet from Wayfair and will probably order the tub there too), chairs, spoons and more.  What I like so much about using Wayfair (whether affiliated or not) is that the selection is one that you can’t find in stores.  If you know a brand you like and respect, there is a good chance you’ll find what you are looking for on Wayfair and you’ll find more options than in a brick and mortar store.

Henry enjoying a unique and fabulous morning in a little cottage on top of Nantucket harbor at The Cottages and Lofts at the Boat Basin, Nantucket. 

Recently, fellow Wayfair homemakers aka bloggers shared what their mornings looked like.  We shared our crêpe mornings, and I had a lot of fun seeing what each blogger shared of their mornings too.

Jen Migonis, of Migonis Home shared her Easter service on the water.  There is nothing like an early morning by the sea.

Karisa, of Petite Modern Life gave us a peek into her morning with the cutest little companion (I miss those days, but not those nights), coffee, a notebook and a catalog.  That’s my kind of morning.

Krysten, of Why Girls are Weird, starts her day of with a smoothie.  I love a good green smoothie and I used to make them every morning.  I think I’ll get back into them soon, especially with our CSA starting up again. When Isabelle was little she started her day with a yoghurt smoothie because she wasn’t a milk drinker.  Smoothies are a super food.

Krystyn, of Really Are You Serious, kicks it up a notch with a smoothie bowl in the morning.  Who knew there was such a thing?!  I like the idea of the bowl because you can add in a little texture and fresh fruit.

Kristin, of Modish and Main, is at the forefront of food trends with her açai bowl.  I love that it looks like a delicious rainbow.  How can you have a bad day when it starts with that?

Christine, of Rules for the Modern Girl, like me is not a morning person, but unlike me she motivates and heads for a morning walk (which I would do but I’m busy savouring 5 more minutes in bed).  I love that she has play time with her pet Zinnie and of course coffee.  Coffee is so good!

Elena, of ‘a Casarella, starts her morning of with coffee. I’m all for that.  She has this super cute Nespresso Inissia espresso maker and because everything is better with a pillowy cloud of white on top, she uses the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother to froth her milk.  I could get into that habit!

Oksana, of Foxy Oxie, has us all examining our morning routines. She’s right in so many ways. It is definitely worth taking a look at our mornings and seeing how we can slow things down or streamline them a little.  It can’t always be done but there is a way to add a little “je ne sais quoi” to our mornings.

MaryEllen, of Imperfect Homemaker, is a homeschooling, blogging, and an all-the-other-things-that-life-throws-at-us mom.  Not only that but she isn’t a fan of routines.  The way she works arounds her dislike of morning routines is to keep it simple. There is no need to set yourself up for failure.  Create a routine that works for you.

Jesse, of Jesse Coulter, has her hands full in the morning with the arrival of her twins.  The secret to her success?  Sugar!  We’ve all got our morning fix.  As you can see above, for many of us it is coffee, but Jesse doesn’t like coffee. Check out how she satisfies her sweet tooth!

Maria, of Staying Close to Home, shares a little sweet something to wake up to. Unless you’re a baker (or a new mom maybe?) and you’re used to getting up at 3 a.m. to make a dough so it can rise, sticky buns are not a practical freshly made morning treat.  Maria sneaks around this problem by making her sticky buns with puff pastry.

Renee, or Eat Live Blog, starts her day off with a little work and a little play.  She enjoys a little snuggle with her pup.  Then, coffee is essential and I happen to know that Renee is queen of brunch.  She shares her secret to making the perfect sweet potato hash.  After a little morning sustenance, Renee can be found prepping food for the week and then heading out to play a little.

Rachel, of Rachel Sayumi, loves doing her makeup in the morning.  Oooh I wish I could say that. Doing make-up has always been a stressful part of my routine.  It’s definitely not my forté.  After she’s done her morning routine of shower, makeup, choose the perfect outfit for the day, and make the bed, she heas into the kitchen for a beautiful looking granola parfait.

Tanya, of Dans Le Lake House, shares her morning routine up at the lake.  As I kid, I would spend a month of mornings in Northern Ontario waking up at the lake and those were some very special mornings!  Up at the lake Tanya and her husband are taking time to appreciate the little things and indulge in a healthful way.  Tanya shares a delicious looking recipe for zucchini brownies.

Jessica, of oh I Design, has always enjoyed her mornings and now with the arrival of little Evie she has a little extra company.  In Jessica’s post she shares four of her morning essentials from face washing to furniture. Mornings are all about the details.

Barbara, of Hello Life, fits in a little fitness between her two cups of morning coffee.  After getting her son up and out the door for school with a freshly packed lunch, she heads back in to mix things up a little.  I’m a fan of the morning smoothie and use my Ninja to make mine too.  Barbara’s Blueberry Morning Smoothie sounds like a real treat!

PJ, of A Girl Named PJ, starts her morning with coffee too.  I love that she recommends getting milk from a small, local dairy (it really does make a difference!).  Her recipe for a honey cinnamon latté is a perfectly sweet and spiced way to start the day.

Stacie, of Divine Lifestyle, was once someone who scoffed at routines, but as we all do when daily family life gets busier and includes more and more people she began to see the value of a morning routine. Never underestimate the value of a good cup of coffee and a nice light morning read.  Stacie begins her day with a little light nourishment for the body and mind.

Jeannette, of Snazzy Little Things, knows that coffee is always a good idea and with her family’s morning start time at 5:45 a.m. I think it might even be a necessity!  Jeannette travels far and wide for her work so morning routines vary a bit. One thing we have in common is that we take a minute to capture that early morning light (I bet more than a few fellow bloggers in this list can appreciate that!).

Lately, we’ve been rising in the city to the sound of birds, painters scraping houses, and the feel of a nice cool breeze coming in the windows. Do you morning routines stay the same all year or do they change season by season?


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