Ivivva Summer Fest: You’re Invited

We love ivivva. I have been a fan of the Lululemon company since day one because they’re a Canadian company and I liked what they stood for. Not too long ago Lululemon introduced ivivva. I was a bit skeptical because, when it comes to teens and tweens, quality clothing with appropriate designs are few and far between, but just like Lululemon, ivivva bad both good quality and good design, so I couldn’t resist. Yet again, I liked what the stood for.

This year ivivva is hosting a summer festival which is just the outing my daughter and her friends can use this time of year.  They need a day to hang out in a space just for them to regroup, reconnect and have fun. The end of school, recitals, tournaments, competitions, and tests is not exactly a walk in the park and this will be a welcome escape. 

No matter what activity your daughter (or son although ivivva’s designs are geared towards girls) does their clothes will get them there in comfort and style and take them through their training too!

This summer save the date and grab a few free tickets for the ivivva Summer Festival on Friday, June 17, 2016 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm at Gillette Stadium

The event is for girls aged 6 – 15 and you can register here

We go to the Wanderlust Festival in Mont Tremblant every year and Lululemon always has a fabulous space. I have no doubt that ivivva’s festival will be fun and fabulous as well.
The ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival is co-created with local girls from each community. ivivva’s  Jeep & ‘happier camper’ was created with input from girls to include a Jeep, an outdoor yoga lounge, chill space, bubbles & a charging station. The ivivva-cle will cover over 3,000 miles this summer as it travels from coast to coast.

The four major Coast to Coast Summer Festival stops this year will be:

June 17: Boston

June 25: Chicago

July 16: Los Angeles

July 23: San Francisco

So swing, skip, punt, kick, swim or arabesque on by and we’ll see you there.


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  1. Kris Bris says:

    Looks fabulous!


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