Lunch By the Ocean: Ocean Prime’s Power Lunch

This is Ocean Prime’s calamari one of the first course options for the Prime Lunch. This calamari had a little spice like RI style calamari but with Asian flavours as well.

When I hear the world power lunch, I think of a different era.  I think of shoulder pads, suits, a group of men gathered around a dark table and a very big cheque.

A modern power lunch at Ocean Prime.

Today’s power lunch is an entirely different experience.  It has all of the luxe in terms of setting, the meat and potatoes of a classic power lunch menu, and that service that makes you feel like you’re VIP even just for a couple of hours. The décor has lightened up, the dishes have as well, and in a time when a kale and cucumber juice costs close to $8, $25 for a three course meal (with leftovers to bring home for dinner) is not outrageous.

The Seaport has changed dramatically in the last few years.  Until recently, I had the impression that only tourists staying in nearby hotels, or business men and women dined in the Seaport for convenience more than anything else.

Now, the Seaport is a destination.  I enjoy the contrast of the tall modern buildings against the water and looking back to see Boston’s harbor.  There is a faux lawn with games that you can check out and play on a nice day.  Maybe this is the modern version of a golf outing too. There is plenty of garage parking and if you allow enough time, you can find metered parking nearby as well.

Ocean Prime has some beautiful private rooms for a working lunch or lunch out as a bigger group.  Just as inviting as the space are the classics and classics with a twist on the menu.


Here is a look at the meal we enjoyed.

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I have been craving a good steak again ever since perhaps because my daughter and husband managed to indulge in my leftovers before I got to them. I love that there is a fairly well balanced and not “dumbed down” young adult menu.


The Prime Lunch is $25 per person and includes a choice of calamari, clam choder or house salad to start.  The portions are large and there is no skimping on ingredients.  Entrées are a choice of chicken, salmon or a 6 oz filet and for dessert there was a choice of a chocolate peanut butter mousse-like cake, hand spun sorbets or a layered carrot cake.  Since portions are so generous, I say save room for dessert and take some of your lunch home for dinner!  Don’t forget to get a coffee with dessert.  Their French press coffee was one of the best restaurant cups of coffee I have had in a while. Plus after a full power lunch a little caffeine is a good thing.


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