Lincoln Tavern Brunch: South Boston is Only 5 Miles from Here

Lincoln Tavern Test KItchen Brunch

Okay, I’ll admit it.  To me South Boston is a bit of a fantastical distant land.  I’ve heard of that particular ‘hood and certainly seen it portrayed in the movies but the reality of Southie didn’t quite seem approachable.  The problem is that in my real life, real world existence, I had a growing list of restaurants that I have been wanting to try and for whatever reason (the reason is clearly that I think that you can’t get there from here) I always earmarked Southie as “too far”.   Recently, partially because I have been ogling the food from Lincoln Tavern for ages now, and partially because I was invited to check out their Test Kitchen Brunch, which takes place on Fridays.  I plugged in the address and hopped in my car.  Once the gps loaded up, I was kicking myself for being such a fool.  South Boston is 5 miles from Cambridge and not any harder to get to than East Boston, the South End, the other side of Cambridge (actually that’s harder).  Now I can get my Lincoln Tavern fix any time I want and also go check out some of those other spots too.

Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant has a cute front area by the windows and a spacious back room that feels like a whole separate restaurant.  Each space has their own bar and the back features the wood-fired oven. 

Lincoln Tavern is an impressive space.  A great spot for a family or work gathering.  As I mentioned, it is pretty easy to get to from just about anywhere (our brunch crew came from North, South, East and West).  Parking was pretty easy with metered spots on the road and a metered lot nearby.  Lincoln Tavern is open for lunch, brunch, dinner and the Brunch Test Kitchen (Fridays 10 a.m. To 3 p.m.)  Why not start the weekend on Friday morning? Not that you need any incentive, but I think a work outing to Lincoln Tavern for brunch could be the most productive thing going on in the office all week (especially with all these snow days).  If you’re around for Spring Break, a family Brunch at Lincoln Tavern will make everyone happy.  It’s hip for the parents, casual and spacious for the kids, and the menu is diverse enough to please everyone.

Lincoln Tavern Test KItchen Brunch
Lincoln Tavern makes some really interesting and playful dishes for the Friday, Test Kitchen brunches.  Some of them are such a hit that they make their way onto the regular brunch menu like this Fruity cereal pancake with a cereal milk crème Anglaise. 

On Fridays, the chef plays and new creations make it on the test kitchen menu.  Favourites make their way to the regular brunch menu, like the fruity pebbles pancakes with a cereal milk crème Anglaise.  Some of the latest test kitchen creations include: a sugar coated tart with goat cheese and honey, a shaved wagyu beef and scrambled egg toast with my favourite Humboldt Fog cheese on rye toast, red velvet pancakes, and a bacon and cheese risotto.

Lincoln Tavern Test KItchen Brunch
This is the fluffernutter parfait in the background.  Like most of Lincoln Tavern sweets, they go easy on the sweet so it is tasty but not sickly sweet so go ahead and indulge.  In the frong is the hot pocket du jour which is a Philly cheesesteak hot pocket with Tallegio cheese sauce. 

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