There is WiFi and Then There is xFi (Sponsored)

My days are full of little crises that need to be addressed.  From ‘unfair’ homework assignments to missing shin guards and dead pointe shoes to no more Romaine for lunchbox Caesar salad.  The greatest, most dramatic, most annoying crisis of all in our life of little first world problems though is when there is a problem with the Wifi. Note: We are Comcast customers and love our Xfinity but I also work with them as a blogger and I am being compensated for this post to tell you about xFi.

I poke fun at the kids with their pr-teen drama if the Wifi is slow or fluky. In truth though, I think I have the biggest tantrums about it because my work time is so precious and I often have a 1/2 hour here or an hour there to finish a post and no wiggle room later in the day. 

Often we will reset ‘the box’ blindly disrupting wifi for everyone when it was just a website that was slow or my machine was bogged down with too many tabs open.  What I love about Xfinity xFi is that I can see exactly who is using a connection and on which device.  I can get a better picture of what is going on.

The Xfinity xFi’s  dashboard lets me see who is on which devise and be in charge of it.  As parents in a digital age, it is not always easy to know what the kids are up to, but with xFi you can at least set limits and boundaries very easily with a click on the xFi dashboard.

Now that summer is here, and the windows are all open, I feel like a crazy person yelling upstairs repeatedly to my children trying to get their attention so we can leave on time or so they can do the chores they ‘happened to forget’ before having screen time.  I think the whole neighborhood must hear me.  With xFi I can pause connection to all devices, which I know will get everyone’s attention without me saying a peep.

Everyone has different screen time rules.  Do yours stay the same all year long?  We have different rules in the summer at our house (less screen time than during the school year).  How do you manage all the devices in your family? 

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