Piattini: Newbury Street’s Little Segreto

Newbury Street has grown on me over the years.  It used to be the street I loved to hate.  Cringing at the tourists that came just to shop in the same stores they could find in just about any city anywhere and picking them out from the crowd was something my husband and I did for sport as we wove our way to our destination.  The street has changed a little, the times have changed a lot, and most importantly I’ve gotten to know the neighborhood better.  Newbury Street is a patchwork of local spots and international chains.  If you live in the area, you can pretty much get anything you want without leaving Newbury Street (at a premium).  From Hardware Stores to Valentino and from Georgetown Cupcakes to Mother Juice this, occasionally pedestrian street, has it all.  In between the see and be seen restaurants, and the Shake Shacks and pizza spots is one of Newbury Street’s little secrets:  Piattini.


I first went to Piattini with my daughter one Saturday on a whim.  We were pleasantly surprised with this little Italian spot that you step down into off the street.  It is humble and cozy from the outside, but when you step in you realise it is actually quite big with three dining areas (one that is a private room) and a bustling bar. The wine list is excellent and the food leaves nothing to be desired.

This eggplant dish was one of my favourites. Even though I don’t usually like truffle oil at all it was just a touch on here.  It is fried eggplant with smoked mozzarella, sundried tomato, and a delicate cream sauce. One of Piattini’s many small plates on the menu.

I was recently invited to re-visit Piattini, after a renovation because of a fire in the building last year.  If you find yourself strolling Newbury Street and looking for a place to stop in for lunch, a spot to enjoy a nice glass of wine and a small bite, or dinner, I definitely recommend Piattini as a tasty escape from the business of life for a while.

Salmon is one of those menu favorites.  The problem is from generic chains to popular new hot spots everywhere the quality of the ingredients may change but the preparation is the same and it gets a little boring.  Piattini serves their salmon on a potato cake with a mustard cream sauce and garlic Swiss chard.  Delicious!

Wine is something I am learning more and more about.  I always recommend asking to taste a wine or talk to a Sommelier before ordering because it is the best way to learn about wine. What I love here at Piattini is that they do many wine dinners and provide little cards with more information.  That’s just my speed!

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