Leah’s Lunch: Kane’s Donuts Pop Up (Chestnut Hill)

Okay, so this was not my lunch but I could have easily had a whole donut and a bowl of fruit and called it lunch.  Instead, I had a mini donut and later that day tasted a sliver of 4 donuts, an apple fritter, and a coffee roll. That’s how I keep my fabulous figure (obviously). The rest of the family each got a slice after dinner and the remainders went to my husband’s office (I’ll let you know when they’re hiring).

So, as I may have mentioned before I am not a donut lover. In fact, I cannot stand the smell of donuts frying sometimes (usually in a large chain setting) and very few things are worse than that oil coated feeling in your mouth after eating a bite of a bad donut.  

I usually like one donut type out of a batch and most times the donuts I have had are not memorable with few exceptions such as the Island Creek Oyster Bar donut, Sofra’s Persian spice donut, Blackbird Donuts’ lemon pepper donut, Downyflake Donuts and Linda’s honey dew donut. 

At Kane’s, I liked them all.  I prefer a less cakey fritter usually but theirs worked for me as a cinnamon bun/fritter mash up.  The dough was really good for the coffee bun as well.  I want to go back for more but I have no idea what I want.   

Have questions about what you see? Leave them in the comments and I’ll answer as best I can.

The original Kane’s Donuts is in Saugus. They have a newer shop in Boston and for a month they will be in Chestnut Hill at The Street through March 26th from 7-3 or until sold out.


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