Picnic Like You Have a Personal Chef: Post 390

There is something idyllic about a picnic.  From large family picnics at the local playground on a summer’s day staying up too late, and keeping cool by running through the sprinkler to a picnic for two with your boyfriend on a city picnic bench or at the beach.  You don’t need a reservation.  You can have it just about anywhere from your front stoop or your backyard or among the flowers in the Boston Garden.  I don’t, however, recommend having one by the Charles on a hot summer’s evening.  We tried that once and got eaten alive by bugs.  

What ends up being less idyllic, is trying to pack the perfect picnic.  You can never find quite the right menu or the right containers.  You always forget something (Does anyone have a fork? A drink?  A cup?).  All of a sudden your vision of the picture perfect picnic is blurred as stress about the logistics of it all begin to set in. 

Post 390, a place I pass a million times a month driving to and from Boston Ballet, invited me to try their new picnic basket offering and it just happened to be a few days before my 15th wedding anniversary.  I took them up on their offer and we had such a wonderfully delicious, relaxing dinner for two all set out in the cutest little basket. 

Whether you are in town visiting and staying at a nearby hotel, or you live in Boston proper, Post 390’s picnic are a wonderful alternative to dinner in a restaurant.   

The picnic for two comes with a choice of a salad loaded with deliciously sweet candied pecans, salty Manchego, and tossed with a nicely tangy white balsamic vinaigrette.  For the next course there is a choice of Antipasto with prosciutto americano, sweet soppressata, marinated mozzarella, pickles, stout mustard, banana peppers, and a toasted baguette with sea salt.  For those who want to go vegetarian there is a Mezze plate instead with roasted garlic hummus, za’atar spiced baked pita, goat cheese stuffed peppadews, marinated olives, spinach & feta spanakopita.  For dessert, pastry chef Molly Handon has made fresh salted caramels or mini chocolate chip cookies.  To drink, there is no Triple 8 Vodka, but the advantage of picnicking at home is that you can accessories your drinks from the liquor cabinet.  The drink choices are for your picnic are one of Beverage Director Jason Percival’s two picnic concoctions:  either a meyer lemon & tarragon sparkling lemonade or a strawberry sweet tea. The picnic for two is $50 and is a perfect dinner for two or you can bring it to the beach and enjoy it with a larger group for an afternoon cocktail hour or take it to an outdoor movie or concert and enjoy it with 5-6 friends for a late night snack.  If you need something to sit on as you enjoy your romantic picnic for two, a  blanket can be added for $15.

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