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I am not one to get hung up on my age or aging. But there is something that is really beginning to bug me.  It is not the grey hairs unveiling themselves upon my head.  It’s not the odd aches I get on a rainy day.  It is not the fact that I have to convince myself on occasion that indeed I’d much rather go out on the town than snuggle with my remote control on the couch.

The real problem is that I make food that my husband or kids rave about and when I go to make it again, I have no idea which recipe I used.  It is that I have to go to my blog to desperately sift through disorganized posts and pages (I’m working on fixing that) to see if I mentioned it on a link, a facebook page, a tweet?

Just as some day, I will probably need one of those daily pill boxes to track what I have taken each day, I have given in and I must write it down somewhere.  So here it is.  This will be my mini-index of links to tried and true recipes.  I will post links when possible and if not page numbers and magazine or cookbook references.

Recipes: tried and true
Recipes: tried and true

We’ll start with the most recent and go from there.

Pavlova is the dessert I love to make for Passover or when I need to serve a gluten free option. I make my meringue soft and chewy (as it should be) and too it with lightly sweetened freshly whipped cream and berries. This recipe from Smitten Kitchen is what I have been using all year.

I have not made this pie but the crust has been my go to recipe of the summer.
Pie Crust (Bon Appétit)

London Broil (John Dewar’s from Volante Farms)
This is the recipe I used for the marinade.  I realise I totally forgot to add the lemon juice.  I used oregano since I had no thyme.  I cooked it on a high heat open grill.  I let the meat come to roomish temp before cooking.

The family favorite for a summer treat is this chocolate zucchini cake from Lulu The Baker which, by direction of my son, you must not utter the word zucchini when you serve it to people especially children because they might think they won’t like it even if they will.  I make it sans frosting because it really doesn’t need it.

Even before the local tomatoes are ripe, this Pico de Gallo from Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) is a staple in the fridge.  I make it by the mixing bowl full and my husband and daughter and anyone who stops by for a cocktail one afternoon ensure that it is gone by the end of the week.

I can’t find the perfect way to prepare rhubarb but this is close to the recipe I used.  I just did sugar and rhubarb but this method.  I hope one day to find the real recipe I used because of course it was perfect. This is Jaimie Oliver’s Stewed Rhubarb. Alternate one to try: .  In my search I came across these rhubarb recipes that I must try:

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    Ha! Do not go gently into that good night… Welcome to the club. 🙂 Ken


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